I play and have played nearly every type, brand, and model of acoustic or digital piano there is over my vast music career including hand built $250,000 concert grand pianos all the way down to the cheapest electronic keyboards. My son Erik is also a musician and has been playing piano since he was about 5 years old and knows a lot about digital and acoustic pianos. I have taught him well and in a lot of ways, my son knows more than I do, but sometimes I don't like to admit it:). Erik can also answer your questions concerning digital pianos and your family's piano and music needs. I know you will be very pleased with your experience working with us and we do it as our passion to help people achieve the musical happiness that we have enjoyed for so many years.

Arizona Piano Wholesale LLC

We Love Music!

We think every home should have a piano in it and for most people these days, it's a digital piano that will offer the "best bang for the buck" in terms of a satisfying and enjoyable piano playing experience!

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